Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How it all began(:

I was the newgirl in town ,and it was my freshmen year. It was wierd because i had never lived in such a small town befor in my life. I remember the only person i knew at my new school was florence,she was my cousin through marrige. On my first day of school it was soo awkward because everyone knew there was a new kid , and they all wanted to see who it was.i had never got so much attention in my life! Florence Intoduced me to her 2 best friends Alicia Garcia and Crystal Baker...From the moment i met them i knew my freshman year was going to be wild and crazy! On my second day of school we were walking home form lunch and i remember Alicia saying to me "omg dude your hair is always curled and your nails are always did im going to call you POODLE!" It was the funniest nickname i had ever heard. When they introduced me to people they told them my name was poodle.Soon the whole town was calling me that. From that day forward Poodle was my name.
Florence,Alicia,Crystal and I became very close we went evrywhere together,did evrything together we were know as the "Fantasic 4" lol not really but you knw. People never seen us apart. Till this day were all still veryy best friends!!

Flo Jangles

My name is Bianca...First blog post..(:

Hello my name is Bianca im 18. I live in Visalia Ca. I have a 2 yr old daughter named Tristen..and a boyfriend named Benji; hes 20. Benji and i meet at a friends birthday party 02/10/07 ; they introduced us..i was 14 he was 16. We have been Lovers ever since :)..